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Rates & Packages

Custom Pet Portrait Session

Custom Pet Portrait Session $150


The custom pet portrait session fee includes:

  • Pre-session consultation via telephone to get to know you and your pets.

  • 60 to 90-minute photo session focused specifically on your four-legged friends at the location of your choice, including up to 2 pets. There is a $35 fee for each additional pet from the same household. A second location may be added for $40.

  • Travel within 25 miles of zip code 29412. A travel fee applies to sessions outside of this area.

  • Our time and talent to carefully curate and digitally edit approximately 30 images presented in an online proofing gallery so you can review and select your favorite images to order prints or digital files.

30 Minute Dog Walk $25

30 Minute Dog Walks-$25 per visit. A package deal for 10 half hour walks are available at 10% off for $225.00.


Our 30 minute walk is perfect for your pet that needs to get out of the house, burn a little energy and get some fresh air! Great for dogs of all ages! 

60 Minute Walk $35

60 Minute Walks-$35 per visit. A package of 10 walks are available for a 10% discount at $315. 


Our 60 minute walk is great for high energy dogs or puppies that need to get out of the house and really burn off their energy! 

Potty Break $15

Potty Breaks-$15 per visit. A package deal of 10 potty breaks are available at a 10% discount of $135.00!


Potty Breaks are great for puppies and older dogs that can't seem to hold it for too long! We will take your pet out for a stroll and a potty to release some energy and stretch those legs! We will also provide clean water for any animal in the house and clean up after your pet in the yard! 

Overnight Care $80

Pet Sitting-$80 per night. 


Overnight visits include at least one walk per day, yard waste pick up, feeding, administration of meds if needed, plant watering, feeding and lots of LOVE!

While Away....$70

While Away-$70 a day.

Feel more comfortable having me stop in three times a day while your away? Service includes a morning visit for breakfast/potty break, an afternoon stroll, dinner and a potty break before bed!

Wild and Free at James Island Dog Park $70

Wild and Free at James Island Dog Park -$70. A package of 10 adventures are available for 10% off at $630.00. 


Dogs are naturally active beings, so they absolutely love running and playing around in wide open spaces. Wild and Free includes an hour at James Island Dog Park followed by a bath and brush so they come home tired happy and clean!

Bathing starting at $25 (price will vary depending on size.)

Bathing-Starting at $25-$40 per bath (depending on size). 


Includes a wash, blow dry and brush!


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