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Sweater Weather

Some people say that dressing your dog up in sweaters is ridiculous, however they may be unaware that certain dogs actually need sweaters in the winter. How do you know if your dog needs a sweater or not? It all comes down to the size and the coat length of a dog. Smaller breeds and short-haired breeds are not well equipped for dealing with the cold. Another factor would be your dogs weight, lean dogs have a harder time holding in body heat. Finally, if you live in a place that the temperature is often below freezing and your dog, regardless of the size or breed, has to spend a lot of time outside, getting a sweater is recommended.

It is also important that you are getting your dog the right kind of sweater. If you live in a damp, snowy area, a water-resistant coat is recommended, however a wool or fleece sweater would also be okay. The sweater shouldn't be too tight but it should be snug. It is important that their stomach is covered because they do not have any hair there and often lay in the snow. His or her legs should be free to walk or run around comfortably.

Be sure to have multiple sweaters on hand. If one becomes too damp or dirty, they should have a back-up sweater. It may take your dog some time to warm up to clothing so having multiple options is ideal.

Sweaters are not just for dress up and looking cute, they can prevent your dog from injury and sickness during the cold months. Especially with snow storm Jonas in full swing, be sure to keep your pets happy and safe all winter long!

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