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DIY Dog Toys

Every dog loves to play. Some dogs tear their dog toys in a matter of seconds and buying new toys can be expensive. It can be helpful to know how to make your own dog toys. Here are a few of my favorite DIY toys.

1. Boredom Buster

2. Recycled Clothing Toy

3. Hidden Treat Game

Hide dog treats under balls in a muffin pan for a fun scavenger hunt game for your pup.

4. Ball For Blind Dogs

Cut out a hole in a tennis ball and glue in a bell so your dog can hear it.

5. Plastic Bottle Toy

Wrap an old t-shirt or sock around a plastic water bottle for a crunchy toy!

6. Treat Ball

Cut a slit into a tennis ball and fill with treats for a toy/game for your pup.

7. Stuffed Monkey's First Knot

8. Denim Knot

9. Toy Popsicle

10. Tennis Ball Buddy

Let us know how your dog likes their homemade dog toys!

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