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Famous Movie Dogs

Everyone has a favorite actor, whether its Channing Tatum or Megan Fox, but what about our celebrity pups? Dogs work just as hard and do not get nearly enough credit for it. Here is a list to commemorate some of the greatest movie star dogs.

1. Lassie

Lassie is a classic famous pup who always managed to save the day in her television show from 1943. The male Collies have thicker coats in the summer which is why all of the dogs that played Lassie were male.

2. Hachi

Hachi is one of my favorite tales because its an amazing true story that really shows the love dogs have for us. Hachi was played by a male Akita named Forest and is now happily living a normal dog life.

3. Buddy

One of the most popular dog movie series was "Air Buddy", a movie about a dog that could play basketball! The dog that played Buddy was named Buddy as well. He is also the same dog that played Comet on Full House.

4. Marley

Who hasnt seen Marley and Me and who hasnt cried while watching it? It took 18 different dogs to pull off this sad movie.

5. Beethoven

Beethoven was the actors real name and he was a Saint Bernard. The movies "Beethoven" had 5 sequals and a cartoon series about him.

6. Toto

Little Toto from the Wizard of Oz was played by a Carin Terrier named Terry. Terry was actually paid for being in the movie more than some human actors. $500 a month! Toto was also a girl and stared in a total of 15 films.

7. Chance and Shadow

Chance and Shadow from Homeword Bound, an incredible story about two dogs and a cat trying to get back home to their families. Chance was played by an American Bulldog named Rattler and Shadow was played by a Golden Retriever named Ben.

8. Benji

Benji was played by a shelter dog named Higgens and then eventually his child Benjean. They were in several movies over 25 years.

There are plenty more pups out there than the few I wrote about so let me know what dogs I missed or what dog is your favoite!

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